#SuperDungeonExplore – Royal Paladin, Glimmerdusk Ranger, and Hearthworn Fighter

No seriously, SDE is my new jam. So much so that it didn’t take long for me to have first few heroes on the painting table getting some much deserved love. I found the minis are a little lacking in detail, but once painted up look amazing! This was my first attempt at painting something in the Chibi style and I felt it turned out pretty well.

All together Now!

Super Dungeon Explore Heroes

The Heroes Stand Together

The Royal Paladin

As what I felt was the main hero of the original boxed set, the Royal Paladin was my first attempt at a SDE mini. Something I knew going in was that I needed to keep the colours brighter than I normally would on a more realistic mini. Painting the eyes was a new experience entirely, my first attempt was semicircles from the bottom of the eye that looked all wrong. After inverting them they looked great. Live and learn!

Super Dungeon Explore Royal Paladin Painted

The Royal Paladin!

The Glimmerdusk Ranger

Since it was her character in our first game, my wife asked me oh so kindly if I would paint the Glimmerdusk Ranger in her image. I put a bit of snakebite leather into the usual skin blend to add an Asian feel to it. I had quite a bit of trouble painting her “dress” as the details were very obscured. I really like how the veil turned out by using Ice Blue highlighted with Frostbite.

Super Dungeon Explore Glimmerdusk Ranger

The Glimmerdusk Ranger!

The Hearthsworn Fighter

For the most part the Hearthsworn Fighter was pretty easy to paint, being composed of all leathers and metals that I’m used to. Where he did prove a little challenging was his eyes, at first I didn’t realize the eyes were that whole wide area under his helmet, but rather little beads that you could barely see. I had to check some pictures of him painted online for it to make any sense.

Super Dungeon Explore Hearthsworn Fighter

The Hearthsworn Fighter!

Now that these three are done I have about a bajillion minions to get painted up too. I’ve been talking to @sjmheron about airbrushing the lot then following up with just the details. The goal is to get a full 3 player game worth of minis painted, we’ll see how that works out! I’m trying to hold off on painting Starfire but we’ll see how long I can deal with having an unpainted boss.

  • Mike

    Looking good!

    • Jme

      Thanks! Can’t wait to play it with you!

      • Sam

        That’s what he says to all the boys.

  • Spazz Fist

    Resistance failing…. must.,.. have…. chibi!