Hordes MK2 Fieldtest – Trollblood 35pt Battle Report #1 – Borka vs. Madhammer

As you may or may not know I spend quite a bit of time on the Privateer Press Forums discussing Trollbloods as my alter-ego “Mael”. Since the release of the Troll field test rules I’ve been extremely excited about getting few games in and I finally found some time this past Sunday to do it. Out of all the Troll Warlocks Borka Kegslayer is by far my favorite Troll caster and I was eager To get a few game in with him.

Borka Kegslayer

Borka's Rules have Changed Significantly - Time to find out what he can do!

Borka Kegslayer (+5)
– Dire Troll Mauler (9)
– Winter Troll (6)
Trollkin Champions x5 (10)
Trollkin Long Riders x5 (11)
Fell Caller (3)
Swamp Gobbers (1)

My plan was to get the champs stuck in and then counter-charge with the mauler and Long Riders. It seemed like a reasonably good plan but I knew the Long Riders weren’t going to stand up to much so they’d need to get the first strike off. I hadn’t used the Winter Troll before but recently picked him up and was eager to try him out. There are some cool things (ha, see what I did there?) that he can do in MK2 especially considering the buff to spray attacks.

I played against Skrob’s Dwarves which you might remember from my Talion Charter Battle Report. His list was the same except he decided to try the new Basher rules to see how it would play. This thing can really do some nasty stuff to players that bring too much infantry to the table. Once during it’s activation it can let loose and drop bombs all around it devastator style. Mix this with it’s bonuses to slamming and follow up move and this guy can get deep into your lines and then explode.

Basher from Privateer Press

The Ghordson Basher - A Heavy Warjack only a Dwarf could love!

Skrob won the roll and decided to setup with a cool tactic with the high shield – two groups of three and one group of four in triangle formations to take advantage of shield wall while keeping themselves spread out. With his Gunners dispersed between his lines. Behind these he placed his forge guard for counter charges as well as his Basher, Herne and Jonne, and Madhammer. I setup with my Champs in the center with the long riders spread out on a flank with Borka between them to catch all of them in his CTRL area. The beasts hung behind the units.

Turn 1 and 2:
First and second turn saw the both of us jockeying for position with Skrob getting a few shots off and killing a champ while cleverly leaving me just outside the 8″ mark with my champs and outside the 10″ mark with my Long Riders. On the bottom of second turn I used Borkas feat and Bull Rushed with my Long Riders into his lines. I connected with a few small based models but didn’t manage to roll the 5 I needed to hit to slam both Jonne AND a gunner back through his lines. I rolled double ones back to back – ugh! The rest of the Tuffaloes managed to kill a few high shields and a forge guard or two. The champs tried to charge but were out of range due to inhospitable ground and a few ran to engage the high shields. The Winter ran into melee with his Basher (more on this later ;)!)

Crazy Dwarves occasionally enjoy explosions

Turn 3:
The Long Riders were counter charged by the forge guard and cleared 4 from the board in 4 attacks. The champs took a few hits but kept standing, and the basher wiffed a headbutt against the Winter Troll. There shooting was more or less shut down by the high shields and gunners being locked in melee with the Champs, although Rockbottom did manage to set some champs on fire with his spray.

In my turn the long rider moved while not pulling any freestrikes and engaged as many forgeguard as possible. The champs took a few swings under mosh pit and knocked down the gunners and did some damage. The Fell Caller came up and dropped his spray through the champs and took out quite a few models with his RAT6. The Winter Troll moved out of melee with the Basher and ate a nasty free strike crippling his Body and Spirit aspects preventing regeneration and neutering his spray attack. However, due to the new Rime rules this had the side effect of freezing the Basher Solid! My strength buffed dire Troll charged straight in and took the Basher down to 2HP in two swings, also knocking it down with Mosh Pit. After this he tossed the Basher using his chain attack squashing another few high shields and a damaged Gunner with collateral damage. Brilliant!

Dire Troll Mauler Extreme

This guy rarely lets me down

Turn 4+:
This turn saw the few remaining forge guard in melee trying to take on the champs and killing all but one. Since most of the forge guard were engaged with the one Long Rider they were forced to kill it before moving on. The three remaining high shields CRA’d my Winter Troll and killed it. In Retaliation Borka charged in and killed the remaining Forge Guard and camped two fury baiting Madhammer for a charge. The Dire Troll tossed the Basher away again squashing the 3 high shields, and the fell caller sprayed the rest to death.

Madhammer charged into Borka and managed to bring him down to 6 health even though he had 2 fury left. On his second last attack he rolls triple ones! On his last attack he rolls low again and fails to beat Borka’s ARM. The Fell Caller Buffs Borka, and Dire Troll Buffs Borka, and Borka beats Madhammer’s face in with MAT9 P+S18. No Problem!

When the long riders fell so quickly to average rolls I was in shock! I knew the long riders had lost some power but non-charging pow11 weapon masters were killing them on just above average rolls (11+3d6 = 21.5). I am not so keen on this! Even one extra point of armor would go a long way to mitigate this weakness because as it stands right now – even with my careful positioning and first strike with Borka – the damage they did certainly did not equate the points I spent buying them.

The Fell Caller with RAT6 is just silly. His sprays are hitting models better than even Borka does making him a perfect model to hide behind your lines, buff, and spray through to deal with all of that tough infantry. But why does he spray better than Borka, The Winter Troll, or the Scattergunners? A better question might be “in what situation would my hero be better than a Fell Caller?” I can’t think of any.

The Winter Troll’s RAT of 4 meant that I was having trouble hitting DEF12 without boosting my rolls. Maybe a slight boost of RAT is in store for him, as I can’t see him being a better beast than an Axer in this list right now. I am going to try another game and see what I think.

The Dire Troll Mauler was amazingly good, better than before if that’s even possible. Solid choice for his 9 points, he can really wreck face.

The Champions worked as they always do, providing the perfect unit to soak up hits and dish them out. They can actually get the charge off with Borka’s feat which makes them even scarier!

I didn’t note it in the report as it has no impact on the game but Borka has counter-slam upkept on him the entire time. As you can see it’s effects were minimal. Putting counter-charge on Borka would be a much better use of his last spell slot. I did have some ideas about using freezer and counter slam (to get borka in range to freeze the enemy) but it didn’t really pan out.

  • I would like to see you try eHoarluk sir. See what you can do with that at 35 points! 😀