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Pros and Cons: Why Play @InfinityTheGame?

Since I'm demoing Infinity at X Planet for the next few weeks, I decided to dredge up a blast from the past, the Pros and Cons series. I really do like Infinity

2013 Wargames Audit

2014 has started very slow for things related to hobby. Three weeks into the new year the closest thing I've come to working on anything is cleaning unfinished minis off my desk. Recently,

#MTG – Karador #Commander and Bestow

One of the goals in the Karador EDH is to have as many creatures as possible, and as such, enchant creature cards are frequently missed when assembling it. If they get stuck in the

#MTG – Nekusar EDH

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering my favourite format is Commander (the format previously known as EDH). I'v posted in the past about my experience building a Karador Recycle Deck, but

#InfinityTheGame – Tournament Report – X Planet 2013-01-01

I really wanted to use a TAG and, with my current painted models, limited me to playing Vanilla. Since ITS allows for two army lists I made one that was objective focused and one

#InfinityTheGame – @miniwargaming BatRep – Shock Army vs Military Orders: Round 1

Exciting news! Miniwargaming has just posted a full Infinity battle report of my Military Orders vs. Matt's Shock Army. I was trying something new and using my Mechanized Deploy troops to get

@InfinityTheGame – Mech Deploy Time! Peacemaker Armbot / Knight of Montessa

Before my trip down to Miniwargaming I wanted to make sure I had some interesting options for scenario play. I wasn't initially sold on Mechanized Deployment but after some thinking about table

@InfinityTheGame – Aquila Guard

Another Infinity update! Posts are a little scarce recently, I've fallen into the trap of half-finishing projects and not getting things done. The impending Infinity Tournament at X Planet has been a great