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@InfinityTheGame BatRep – MO vs. Nomads – Mission 101!

MovsNomadsPreviewI finally got out of the house for my first gaming session in over a month and things had changed down at the LGS. Taking a break from the

Props to Kingmob for joining the Kriels

kingmob has been a regular around the Toronto Warmachine scene for ages, so I was really happy when he decided to pick up Trolls for the slow-gro league. As such when I saw his recent post about it I just

#Deathwing Assault Inbound – 2011 #40k League Part 1

Although I spend way more time discussing Warmachine/Hordes than I do Games Workshop games, I will always admit that there are pros and cons to each system and I find the key to keeping things fresh is to

Shattered Grounds: Nightfall – Post League Wrap-Up

The Shattered Grounds: Nightfall league finished up on Sunday with a great event running the "colour guard" scenario all afternoon. When all was said and done Neil took the Hero commendation with four successful defenses during the afternoon. Brian took