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#InfinityTheGame – Paradiso 103 – “Central Seizure”

Infinity-Paradiso-103-PreviewThe Paradiso missions continue! This time we tried playing Mission 103, Central Seizure. The goal was to deactivate the security system via two consoles on each side of the table, then

#InfinityTheGame Battle Report – Paradiso 101

MOvsMorats-Mission101-PreviewAfter having some success against the Nomads and their sneaky hacking tactics, sjmheron decided to go for a more direct approach with his Combined. Since we haven't organized enough

#Warmachine Tactics – Learning Damiano

This week I jumped back into Warmachine by signing up for one of X Planet's biannual Warmachine big leagues, two months of gaming plus a special one

150 Nightfall Battle Report – pMadrak/Borka/pDoomy vs. Reznik/pFeora/eKreoss

In order to get the High Commander stamp during the Privateer Press Nightfall campaign you have to complete one of two objectives. After playing 5 games you must do one of the following. a) Play two 100 point games b) Play one

Shattered Grounds: Nightfall – Game Night #2

So I finished up playing my second night of gaming at Dueling Grounds during the Shattered Grounds League. I got a 35 point with Borka in against Krueger the Stormwrath and a 50 point game in with pMadrak

Shattered Grounds: Nightfall – First Games In!

If you're a regular reader of the blog chances are you're familiar with the April Warmachine League - Shattered Grounds: Nightfall. Much like previous summer Rampages this campaign uses an interactive map that allows players to gain certain