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Modeling & Painting Best of 2009-2011

Being the first of "Best Of" posts I'm going to go back a bit, way into 2009 when the blog was in it's infancy. I've collected a few of my favourite models from the past two years, re-photographed them with

Ravens of Retribution – Deathwing Cyclone Squad #40k

After finishing second overall in the most recent #40k league (and losing out to a giant mob of Kevin’s Orks) I was inspired to get a little bit of 40k painting in before getting back to my regularly scheduled antics.

#Deathwing Assault Inbound – 2011 #40k League Part 1

Although I spend way more time discussing Warmachine/Hordes than I do Games Workshop games, I will always admit that there are pros and cons to each system and I find the key to keeping things fresh is to

1500pt 40k Tournament Report – X Planet Games June 19th, 2010

After some goading I reluctantly agreed to go throw down at X Planet this past weekend to play some wh40k! It was their first 40k tournament so I elected to bring my Ravens of Retribution along, I figure since