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#Warmachine – Amazing Base Showcase

Ever since I saw the Eiryss that won the Lock N' Load Grandmaster I've been considering ways to really step up my basing game. A thread popped up

#Warmachine – Colossal Roundup Part 1

Ever since the first two Colossals dropped I've been eagerly awaiting to see what the creative minds at Privateer Press put together when they put these massive models on

#Warmachine – From the Forums – Amazing Conversions!

Once in awhile you stumble across a hidden gem lost in time and space, risen by a talented thread necromancer in search of buried treasure. One such thread exists on the Privateer Press Modeling and Painting Forms and

Gunnbjorn goes to Town – Heroes World #Warmachine Tournament

After all my ranting and raving about Gunnbjorn over the past while I decided to put my money where my mouth was and bring him along to the recent 35pt tournament at Heroes World Markham. My second list

#Templecon Part 3 – Memorable Games & Awesome Tables

In the third and final Templecon post I'll recount some of the awesome games I had during the weekend. While the list isn't exhaustive (all my games were awesome!) these were a few of the highlights. Trolls            </p>

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Battle Report: Gunnbjorn vs. Karchev @ 35pts!

After getting the good Captain finished I decided it was time to have a few playtest games with him. I swung down to the LGS excited to put him on the table and ended up in a matchup against our

DaBoyz GT WM/H Battle Reports – Borka/Grim

Last Saturday a carload of guys went down to Rochester for Da Boyz GT 2010. While it has been clear the Warhammer 40k tournament was going on in full swing, there were far more epic battles happening over on the

Introductions Yarr in Order..

I’ve been a long time reader of Warpainter and as this would have it, first time poster. I’ve had the luxury of knowing Mael for a number of years now, we had met in university at the local gaming club.