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#Templecon Part 3 – Memorable Games & Awesome Tables

In the third and final Templecon post I'll recount some of the awesome games I had during the weekend. While the list isn't exhaustive (all my games were awesome!) these were a few of the highlights. Trolls            </p>

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lolm4rx’s Gators go to Da Boyz’

It’s been awhile since I last posted and right now the only thing that I found to be super interesting was my recent showing at the Da Boyz in Rochester, a super awesome normally 40K tourney that PG_Moz graciously was

DaBoyz GT WM/H Battle Reports – Borka/Grim

Last Saturday a carload of guys went down to Rochester for Da Boyz GT 2010. While it has been clear the Warhammer 40k tournament was going on in full swing, there were far more epic battles happening over on the

Bethayne and Belphagor – Privateer Press goes Modular!

Privateer Press is doing something incredibly innovative and I'm really excited to bring it to your attention. The new Legion Warlock Bethayne is ... get this... modular! She has a Warbeast that hangs around with her that she can

Tournament Report – Borka Goes To Genesis – July 24th 2010 @ DG

That's right, I went to Genesis on Saturday at Dueling Grounds. All of my hopes and dreams of playing as Grim Angus were shattered when a good friend of mine from out of town expressed interest in playing. "No

Tournament Report – 35pt @ Heroes World Markham – pDoomy and 3 Dires!

So with all the craziness downtown I decided to hide in the Northeast corner of the city and attend a tournament at Heroes World while I was at it. I decided to take another dive out of my comfort

Scratch Build 3D Printer Typhon – Painted!

As you probably recall I put up a post a few weeks ago detailing the exploits of typhus22 as he created his own Typhon miniature using Modeling Software and a 3D Printer. With all the attention going

Scratch Built 3D Printer Typhon

Browsing around the Privateer Press Forums I came across something totally amazing. The mastermind behind this massive amazing model is the member typhus22. He had used a 3d modeling program in conjunction with a 3d printer to