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#Warmachine – From the Forums – Amazing Conversions!

Once in awhile you stumble across a hidden gem lost in time and space, risen by a talented thread necromancer in search of buried treasure. One such thread exists on the Privateer Press Modeling and Painting Forms and

#Warmachine 35pt Theme Fight! – pMagnus vs. Vayl (vs. @sjmheron)

Whlie this game happened quite awhile ago it's memory is fresh in my mind. The game was one of my first with Magnus, and before I picked up my second Renegade to round out his theme force. Since I'm obsessively

#Warmachine 35pt Theme List Battle Report – MacBain vs. Vayl (vs. @sjmheron)

As I get more comfortable with my Steelheads I've found myself trying out quite a few different lists to try and find my niche with them. This often included swapping the caster I put on the table to get a

March Mini Madness – #40k & #Warmahordes

I haven't posted too much in the past week and it's mostly due to my Wargaming life being all over the place. With the fast-grow league at X Planet in full swing as well as a few tournaments kicking around