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#Warmachine – Galleon Wild Speculation Time!

Alright crew, lets talk Colossals. Not these lame faction contraptions made with the finest parts by the best mechanics, no! I'm talking about Colossals with personality. REAL personality. The kind that

#Warmachine – The Gift of Christmerc Cheer! (ft @DavidKerrSmith)

league with the forces ousting the pretender, so I was even more impressed when I saw his gift of game was a Magnus the Traitor Battlebox. As any Wargamer knows, the bonds forged in the heat of tabletop battle can

#Warmachine – Calling Down the Thunder! pMagnus vs. eNemo

Remember when I mentioned I had a new nemesis? You’ll understand why after reading this battle report! bStryker was looking for places to play in the GTA so we set up a game after he branched out via our local

#Warmachine – 35pts pMagnus T4 vs. eNemo (@ #ConquestTO)

The fourth game of my poorly fated run at ConquestTO was against Chris C, a friend from out of town who I had yet to face off against. By the time we played this game we were going on 8