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#Warmachine – Amazing Base Showcase

Ever since I saw the Eiryss that won the Lock N' Load Grandmaster I've been considering ways to really step up my basing game. A thread popped up

#Warmachine – From the Forums – Amazing Conversions!

Once in awhile you stumble across a hidden gem lost in time and space, risen by a talented thread necromancer in search of buried treasure. One such thread exists on the Privateer Press Modeling and Painting Forms and

#Warmachine – PG_Menelker’s Vessel of Badass

Once in awhile you come across an amazing conversion that just has to be shared. Last time it was the custom Typhon built with a 3D Printer. This time it was PG_Menelker's epic Vessel of Judgement as posted

#Warmachine 35pt Theme List Battle Report – pMadrak vs. pSeverius

During the ongoing Go Theme or Go Home league at X Planet I've been forced to built lists that are a little outside my usual comfort zone with certain casters. My standard Madrak brick list was tossed

#Warmachine International – UK Hardcore Series (via @KurtJHanson)

Another shout out post today goes to KurtJHanson on twitter, one of the now famed #Warmongers that banter about wargaming anywhere, anytime. Kurt recently posted up a battle report on his experience at the 1st UK Hardcore

Mael's Warmachine History – PAX 2008

Back in the glory days of MK1 I had a dream. That dream was to compete at PAX and see how far I could get with the Warmachine Masters. I decided to bring my pirates along and brought two forces,

150 Nightfall Battle Report – pMadrak/Borka/pDoomy vs. Reznik/pFeora/eKreoss

In order to get the High Commander stamp during the Privateer Press Nightfall campaign you have to complete one of two objectives. After playing 5 games you must do one of the following. a) Play two 100 point games b) Play one

Holiday Break Painting Vows

Now that we've really got some momentum with our painting progress there's no time to slow down! We have all decided to put together some painting vows for the Winter Holiday break. The date we are going to set as