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#InfinityTheGame – Teutonic Knight Trio #MiniatureMonday

In a further attempt to catch up on posting some finished works I present you my Teutonic Knight link team! I haven't had a chance to use these guys very often, but with

@InfinityTheGame Tournament Report – @bkgames 2013-08-24

Played in a tournament about a month ago at one of our local shops, Black Knight Games. Didn't get around to posting the battle reports right away but

@InfinityTheGame BatRep – MO vs. Aleph – Mission 101

chaseTemplateOver the holidays I found time to play Infinity against greatest nemesis, Chase. Our rivalry stems way back to playing 40k over a decade ago when he daemons used to

@InfinityTheGame – Order Sgt. Hacker and 1st Fusilier

OSHackerPreviewIt's that time again! In between some Monpoc commissions I've knocked out a few more Infinity models to add to my Military Orders force. While they may not be

@InfinityTheGame BatRep – MO vs. Nomads – Mission 101!

MovsNomadsPreviewI finally got out of the house for my first gaming session in over a month and things had changed down at the LGS. Taking a break from the

#MiniatureMonday @InfinityTheGame – Where’d I leave that REMote? – Sierra & Auxbots

I finally feel as I'm getting back into my painting groove. Now that sleep is normalizing and I'm settling into my new schedule, painting has become a nice activity I

@InfinityTheGame – BatRep – MO vs. Morats at 250pts (Round 2!)

While some people were busy with politics a few Tuesdays ago, sjmheron and I were getting in another few games of Infinity on our road to learning the system.

@InfinityTheGame #MiniatureMonday Poll – Which Cloak Colour?

I've been doing some work on my Magister Knights for my Pan Oceania force and I wasn't so keen on the cloth colours. I decided to paint another Knight with