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#Warmachine 50pt Theme Fight! – pMagnus vs. Barnabas

Since X Planet is currently in between leagues there's time for some extra casual gaming. Mike (remember Mike?) had some time to come out and play, so we swung out after work and threw down with his now legendary

lolm4rx’s Gators go to Da Boyz’

It’s been awhile since I last posted and right now the only thing that I found to be super interesting was my recent showing at the Da Boyz in Rochester, a super awesome normally 40K tourney that PG_Moz graciously was

Croctober comes to a close..

So, in commemoration of Croctober coming to a close, I’ve decided that I’m going to end up taking my Crocs to Da Boyz, in Rochester.  Which means I’m gonna need to get 2 50 points lists painted in TWO WEEKS.

Cracking the Box: War Hog (via Lost Hemisphere)

I couldn’t help but reblog this post since I’ve been so crazy excited about what is in store with the Minions for Hordes. My Warhog should arrive any day now and then I’ll be painting it up to match the

Blasted Heath: A Trollblood Call To Arms

My Brothers, For many moons now our blades have tasted the glorious blood of battle. All around us we are besieged by iron mammoths, lumbering titans, and ghosts from the trees. Ever since these invaders have attacked our homes we

Canadian Bacon – Farrow Brigands Unit Complete

With the preview of the War Hog concept art on Privateer’s website it’s obvious a full fledged Minions army is not far from release (and no, being a Press Ganger hasn’t made me privy to any secret information so stop