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Shattered Grounds: Nightfall – Post League Wrap-Up

The Shattered Grounds: Nightfall league finished up on Sunday with a great event running the "colour guard" scenario all afternoon. When all was said and done Neil took the Hero commendation with four successful defenses during the afternoon. Brian took

Shattered Grounds: Nightfall – Game Night #2

So I finished up playing my second night of gaming at Dueling Grounds during the Shattered Grounds League. I got a 35 point with Borka in against Krueger the Stormwrath and a 50 point game in with pMadrak

Shattered Grounds: Nightfall – First Games In!

If you're a regular reader of the blog chances are you're familiar with the April Warmachine League - Shattered Grounds: Nightfall. Much like previous summer Rampages this campaign uses an interactive map that allows players to gain certain