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Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – Complete!

Since you've seen them in all stages of progress this last post isn't going to come as much of a surprise! I finally got some pics together of my finished Deathwing Command Squad (you can see them in progress in

Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – WIP 2

The command squad is coming along nicely. Since I posted up Part 1 I've been making some slow and steady progress, really taking my time to make sure the Command Squad comes out looking top notch compared to the

Custom #40k Deathwing Command Squad – WIP 1

After spending my Saturday at Conquest Toronto I was eager to come home and put some work into the Ravens of Retribution, starting with a command squad that has been a WIP project for as long as I can

#40k Deathwing Errata – What it means for the Ravens

If you’re reading this you’re probably already familiar with the only Warhammer 40k army I play using the Deathwing Rules – the Ravens of Retribution. With the release of the new Errata for the Deathwing/Black Templars rules to get them