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#XWingMiniatures – Scum and Villainy Syck M3-A Interceptor

Ah, the M3-A Interceptor. This guy brings me back to memories of X-Wing Alliance where I would shoot these guys down by the dozens in my trusty (yet fragile) TIE Interceptor.

#XWingMinis – TIE Interceptor Baron Edition

Fresh off the momentum from experimenting with Vader's TIE, I decided to modify the scheme and try again on a second TIE Interceptor (first one here). Compared to the previous attempt at

#XWingMinis – Lambda Repaint (Round 2)

After finishing the Firespray-31 I found myself wanting to update the Doomshuttle to match. I did a bit of orange into the panel highlighting, as well as a similar cockpit to

#Warmachine – Critical Devastation! Mule Re-Finished

In the next installment of the repaint series I've finally put some paint onto one of my old favourites, the Mule.

#Warmachine – Nomad Conversion – Momad?

Yes, that's correct. The Momad, second half of the Nomangler and resident Temper Metal jackbait. While my first experiment at making a pirate themed Nomad was fairly successful, I was struck with a sudden urge to turn some

#Warmachine – Re-Finished Mariner

If you've seen my old Mariner scheme you'll know that it was in desperate need of a touch up. I originally painted this model back when I was starting to experiment with washes and relied too heavily on those

#Warmachine – Re-Finished Freebooter

This Freebooter has been a part of my Pirate army for quite awhile, in fact, it may have been one of the first Mercenary models I ever purchased after Shae and the Mariner. Originally it was painted in the old

#Warmachine – Steelhead Halberdiers & Re-Finished Vanguard

It’s been quite awhile, but I’ve finally managed to put the last finishing touches on the Steelhead Halberdiers. Painting units can be very difficult, but fortunately with the large amount of metals on these guys they were pretty straightforward to