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#Warmachine – From the Forums – Amazing Conversions!

Once in awhile you stumble across a hidden gem lost in time and space, risen by a talented thread necromancer in search of buried treasure. One such thread exists on the Privateer Press Modeling and Painting Forms and

#Templecon Part 3 – Memorable Games & Awesome Tables

In the third and final Templecon post I'll recount some of the awesome games I had during the weekend. While the list isn't exhaustive (all my games were awesome!) these were a few of the highlights. Trolls            </p>

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35pt Battle Report – Ravyn (Retribution) vs. Borka (Trolls)

Last Friday I went down to Hobby Kingdom and got in a game against everyone's favourite Retribution player, JDWhite of LH. As you are all aware, I had recently finished my Kriel Warriors and was eager to

Tournament Report – 35pt @ Heroes World Markham – pDoomy and 3 Dires!

So with all the craziness downtown I decided to hide in the Northeast corner of the city and attend a tournament at Heroes World while I was at it. I decided to take another dive out of my comfort