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#XWingMiniatures – M3-A Interceptor, Round 2!

Chalk up another one! I enjoyed painting the previous M3-A quite a bit so decided to go for round 2. Not much changed from the first attempt, I opted to stick with the

#XWingMiniatures – Scum and Villainy Syck M3-A Interceptor

Ah, the M3-A Interceptor. This guy brings me back to memories of X-Wing Alliance where I would shoot these guys down by the dozens in my trusty (yet fragile) TIE Interceptor.

#XWingMiniatures – Scum and Villainy Starviper

Since I've had good momentum painting X-Wing lately I decided to pick up a Starviper and M3-A now that Scum and Villainy is released. I've always loved the Shadows of the Empire era and

#XWingMinis – Firespray-31 Repaint

As recent posts clearly reveal, I'm all-in on the X-Wing these past few weeks, playing on Vassal & getting things painted. This ship has been in the works on and off for the better part