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#Warmachine – Re-Finished Mariner

If you've seen my old Mariner scheme you'll know that it was in desperate need of a touch up. I originally painted this model back when I was starting to experiment with washes and relied too heavily on those

#Warmachine – Re-Finished Freebooter

This Freebooter has been a part of my Pirate army for quite awhile, in fact, it may have been one of the first Mercenary models I ever purchased after Shae and the Mariner. Originally it was painted in the old

Mael's Warmachine History – PAX 2008

Back in the glory days of MK1 I had a dream. That dream was to compete at PAX and see how far I could get with the Warmachine Masters. I decided to bring my pirates along and brought two forces,

Scalliwag Showcase – Mangler Conversion Part #4 – Complete!

Nomangler Converted Mangler Conversion Complete Finished At first I wasn't sold that the paintjob was far and above the old technique I used to paint the rest of my talion Warjacks.

Scalliwag Showcase – Mangler Conversion Part #3

I've got a bit more done with the Nomangler since the last post on the subject but because I've been out of town I haven't yet had the time to get him finished! I did most of the battle

Scalliwag Showcase – Mangler Conversion Part #2

I had a chance to get some more work done on the Nomangler yesterday, it was a gorgeous day so I sat on the balcony and got some painting finished in the afternoon. I’m making a push to get it

Scalliwag Showcase – Mangler Conversion Part #1

Ever since I created my Nomariner conversion I've had the torso of a Nomad hanging around and waiting to be used. When I picked up a Mangler at the relocated One-of-a-kind tournament an idea struck me - I

35pt Battle Report – Shae (Talion) vs. Gorten (Highborn)

After playing some Vassal games with my pirates I was pretty stoked to bring them down to the LGS and get some games in. I am finally starting to really get the hang of them on the table and am