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#Warmachine – #Templecon Special Edition – Colossals and WarRoom!

It's a good day to be a Warmachine player. Why you ask? Because Templecon has kicked us in the face with not one awesome piece of news, but two!

Dabbling and Looking towards the Future!

After Templecon, with all the crew from the area.  My minigaming batteries were re-energized.  Templecon itself was a blast and I had much more fun than I expected, even though I did spend the majority of my time behind a

#Templecon Part 3 – Memorable Games & Awesome Tables

In the third and final Templecon post I'll recount some of the awesome games I had during the weekend. While the list isn't exhaustive (all my games were awesome!) these were a few of the highlights. Trolls            </p>

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#Templecon 2011 – #Warmachine/#Hordes Heaven

Early Saturday morning we took off out of Toronto to Rhode Island, USA. Warwick, RI to be exact. We were heading down to Templecon, a secret heaven on earth for all things steampunk. There was a remarkable number of Canadians heading

#DystopianWars at #Templecon

While I'm working on a more detailed Templecon roundup I figured I'd post some love for those who missed out. Sorry Warmachiners, you'll have to wait awhile longer! On Saturday evening the guys from The D6 Generation were running

#Templecon 2011 Prep – #Monsterpocalypse – UZorog/UVorgax vs. UGeneral Hondo/Mega Gakura

For Templecon 2011 I decided to not only play Warmachine but also try my hand throwing down in the 2 monster Monsterpocalypse tournaments using my sole choice Planet Eaters. Having most forms at my disposal I was waffling over

#Templecon 2011 Prep – #Hordes – Trollblood Team Tournament Lists

With Templecon looming on the horizon I've been going over my options for what to bring to the team tournament. At first I was strongly considering going with the Madrak/Grim pair I was used to from events around