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#InfinityTheGame – Tournament Report – X Planet 2013-01-01

I really wanted to use a TAG and, with my current painted models, limited me to playing Vanilla. Since ITS allows for two army lists I made one that was objective focused and one

@InfinityTheGame Tournament Report – @bkgames 2013-08-24

Played in a tournament about a month ago at one of our local shops, Black Knight Games. Didn't get around to posting the battle reports right away but

#Warmachine – Winter War! – Jan 19th, Mississauga

Just a quick bulletin, the guys over at the Syndicate of Gaming are running a FREE (with food donation!) large Warmachine tournament early in the new year. It's taking

#Monsterpocalypse – Quantum Zorog Tournament Report: X Planet 08/07/2012

Once every 6 months or so I have the pleasure of attending a Monsterpocalypse event hosted by our local Moncon Champion Wapcaplets. This particular event was run

#Monsterpocalypse – Moncon Single Monster Finals (by @wapcaplets)

When the dust settled at Moncon this year one of our GTA locals was left standing above the rest. The highest of props must be extended to wapcaplets

#Warmachine – Defending Deathclock

Recently an article titled "Death to the Deathclock" was posted up at Muse on Minis by a PG I've known for a long time, Paradox. While some of

#Warmachine – Bizarro Merc Mastertrack Pt. 1 (ft. @Hand_Cannon)

A few weeks ago Endgame posted his idea for running Mercs in the 2012 convention season. He calls this his Merc Mastertrack and goes into detail with using Mercs in a masters environment in a post on Read More

#FanExpo #Warmachine / #Hordes Masters 2011 – Schedule of Events

After such success last year we’ve decided to make round 2 with FanExpo Masters 2011. Here’s the schedule of events for the weekend. Friday, August 26th: 2v2 Team/Theme Tournament – 10am to 8pm • Teams of two players, one list,