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#Warmachine – Amazing Base Showcase

Ever since I saw the Eiryss that won the Lock N' Load Grandmaster I've been considering ways to really step up my basing game. A thread popped up

Modeling & Painting Best of 2009-2011

Being the first of "Best Of" posts I'm going to go back a bit, way into 2009 when the blog was in it's infancy. I've collected a few of my favourite models from the past two years, re-photographed them with

#Warmachine – Rök and Roll!

It's been a few weeks since the Domination release and as such, I've been mulling over new hotness and where it fits into the Trollblood army going forward. The thing I was most excited about was Borka's new character beast,

#Warmachine – From the Forums – Amazing Conversions!

Once in awhile you stumble across a hidden gem lost in time and space, risen by a talented thread necromancer in search of buried treasure. One such thread exists on the Privateer Press Modeling and Painting Forms and

#Warmachine – Scrumcast Prime

A few weeks ago I had the honour to be a part of the inaugural Scrumcast, hosted by Goris, everyone's favourite forum Troll bakaryu, and the Press Ganger formerly known as theummhummguy of Trollbloodscrum fame. We do

#Warmachine 35pt Theme List Battle Report – pMadrak vs. pSeverius

During the ongoing Go Theme or Go Home league at X Planet I've been forced to built lists that are a little outside my usual comfort zone with certain casters. My standard Madrak brick list was tossed

March Mini Madness – #40k & #Warmahordes

I haven't posted too much in the past week and it's mostly due to my Wargaming life being all over the place. With the fast-grow league at X Planet in full swing as well as a few tournaments kicking around

The Painting Table – #Hordes Trollkin Fennblades

Although they’ve been finished for awhile, my Fennblades have unfortunately not seen much love in the painting spotlight yet. I got the unit up and ready to go before I swung out Templecon way and am love them for use