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#Monsterpocalypse – Christmas Morning Edition – Introducing the Ubersun Syndicate!

ubersun-previewA few weeks ago I was contacted to put together a commission piece specifically for an awesome guy named Israel. The mission? Convert a number of Ubercorp units to match

#Monsterpocalypse – Moncon Single Monster Finals (by @wapcaplets)

When the dust settled at Moncon this year one of our GTA locals was left standing above the rest. The highest of props must be extended to wapcaplets

M-Morgoth vs U-Robo Kondo – Monpoc Battle Report Part 2 (More Video!)

A continuation of the wapcaplets and cottondonkey throwing down at Monpoc! Note that there is a bit of a hiccup around part 8, but I’ll let the vids do the talking:

M-Morgoth vs U-Robo Kondo – Monpoc Battle Report Part 1 (Video!)

I picked up some youtube content from another GTA gamer known as wapcaplets and his friend cottondonkey. The pair are putting together a Monsterpocalypse video Battle Report for their attempt at 31 Days to Mastering Monsterpocalypse.