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#SuperDungeonExplore – Von Wilding/Wilder

Considering that Von Belmont Wilding was my favourite mini to come out of the Von Drakk Manor set it's quite ironic he's literally the last SDE hero I had to paint (psst...

#SuperDungeonExplore – Shallow Grave

Any self-respecting consul running Von Drakk Manor better make sure their skeletal minions are up to snuff. Without a doubt these guys are my favourite pre-forgotten king minion box and I'm incredibly happy

#SuperDungeonExplore – Von Drakk Complete!

Having another fully painted Dungeon Boss adds a whole new dynamic to playing. I was working on Von Drakk on and off for a few months now and recently having a game at the

#SuperDungeonExplore – Glauerdoom Moor Preview [Van Drakk Manor?]

SDE-Exp2-PreviewIf there's one thing I love, it's my super Dungeon Explore. The upcoming expansion is called "Glauerdoom Moor" and should be out sometime 2013. These shots have been making the rounds