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Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 5 – The End

I"ve done it! A whole month of blogging about Monsterpocalypse. In this last and final iteration of the Mastering Monpoc series I'm going over risk, what I've learned, and my

Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 3 – Tactics

Time for week 3 of my Mastering Monsterpocalypse posts! By this point I've played quite a few times and am really getting a handle on how a game flows from

Mastering #Monsterpocalypse – Week 2 – Strategy

Welcome to the second installment of the Mastering Monsterpocalypse series, in which I take that force created in Week 1 and figure out how the game will progress from

#Monsterpocalypse – Custom Quantum Zorog

My favourite Monsterpocalypse faction has always been the Planet Eaters. I didn't realize my first custom job would become an abusive relationship where I was beaten over and over